People’s Parliament

SpeakEasy NOW – People’s Parliament

People’s Parliament is a group run by SpeakEasy NOW.

Once a year,  we write a White Paper about a topic that is important to people with learning disabilities.

In the past we have written about things like housing, transport, health, or work.

The White Paper tells people what we have found out about the topic, and what people with learning disabilities say about it.

For further information, contact us on:

Tel: 01905 774247

The People’s Parliament held their latest White Paper Debate on:

Friday 8th November 2019

Check out more information about Human Rights, by clicking on the link below:

After we have written the White Paper we hold a Public Debate.

At the Public Debate people with learning disabilities tell professionals from Worcestershire County Council, the NHS and private organisations what they think.

They ask them to make pledges to change things for the better.

Our last White Paper was called My Choices for a Happy Life.

These are the White Papers we have written so far:


Preparing for Growing Older with a Learning Disability and Planning for the End of my Life

Me and the People Around Me – Help me keep safe

Housing – A place to call my home

Transport – Help me make my way

Good support for everyone – The right support for me

Health equality for everyone – Listen to our aims

Real jobs for real people – We can do what you can do

Transitions – Talk to me not behind my back

Crime and justice – everyone is equal

Future Lives and the internet – The good the bad and the ugly