Health Checkers

Speakeasy NOW Health Checkers team work with the three Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning groups and with the Staying Healthy group of Worcestershire’s Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Our Health Checkers are people with learning disabilities who care strongly about the quality of Health Services in Worcestershire.

We know that people with learning disabilities often have poorer health than other people.

We think this is wrong and want to help change this.

We want to make sure that people with learning disabilities have access to good health information and advice.

We want health services that can meet their needs appropriately.

We do this in many different ways:-

  • We talk with lots of other people with learning disabilities and listen to their experiences.
  • We visit places like hospitals, GP surgeries, Dentists and Opticians to see if their services are good for people with learning disabilities.
  • We report on the findings from our visits and make recommendations.
  • We make presentations to different groups to tell them the things we have learned.
  • We provide training for groups and organisations to help them understand the needs of people with learning disabilities.
  • We help with the production of health information and advice that people with learning disabilities can understand.

Health Checkers meet every 2 months to plan and discuss their work and to meet with different Health Professionals and Providers. They are extremely proud of the work they do and the opportunity it gives them to make a difference to their own and other people’s lives.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact

Gail Greer

Health Checkers Project Coordinator

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